Spring Clean! Giving Your Garden Furniture a New Lease of Life

Spring Clean! Giving Your Garden Furniture a New Lease of Life

by on March 3, 2017

Here are some essential maintenance and cleaning tips to keep your garden furniture in ship shape:


Garden furniture should ideally be kept inside or covered for the winter months, protected from the inclement weather.  Even weatherproof and durable garden furniture like cast aluminium and wicker sets need a bit of TLC! Keeping your garden set indoors or protected with a waterproof cover from the end of the Summer season until Spring will give your garden furniture a much longer life.

-How to clean garden furniture

Cleaning garden furniture every Spring is the number one rule to maintain your garden furniture looking great.

Before getting back to the garden, make sure you give your garden furniture a wipe thoroughly with soapy water and a soft cloth: remove stains, get rid of dust, brush any dirt and shake off those cob webs!  Rinse any suds and dry your table and patio chairs.

Depending on the material and finish of your garden furniture, you will need to give your garden set specific attention. Do not use detergents or chemicals, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

-Checking Screws

Check everything is in order every year:  make sure there are no screws missing or have become rusty. Check bolts, fixings and other bits and pieces are all still in place. Replace if needed.

-Keeping a Polished Finish

Check for accidents from the previous season: scratches, chips or cracks. Apply a coat of suitable wax, varnish or paint – depending on the material of your garden furniture.

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for the most suitable garden furniture treatment. For example, the Rathwood cast aluminium garden furniture sets are finished with powder coating technology and we recommend applying polyurethane varnish. Our garden sets come with a touch up kit so you can paint over any scratches.

-Iron Parasol Base

Our garden furniture is made of 100% recycled aluminium, which is non-rusting and durable, but also very light! For this reason, many of our garden sets include parasol bases made of cast iron, which is heavier, to make sure parasols are well secured. Iron can rust so it is important it is kept away from the rain. Parasols (with fabric dressings) and iron parasol bases should be kept inside when not in use.

-Wash dressings and covers

For squeaky clean patio chairs, remove the fabric seat pad covers and store indoors every evening so they won’t get damp. Also give them a wash every Spring for a fresh start of the season!

For best results, clean your garden furniture before storing away each Autumn too.

*If you need more advice on how to clean garden furniture or garden furniture maintenance, contact the Rathwood Garden Furniture team and we will be happy to help you!